Introductie op Nondual Kabbalistic Healing© ‘Being with Reality is a Nondual State’ - Brenda Carter Blessings

Vrijdag 5 april 2013 - Drakenburg - Hilversum

How does awakening to the nondual nature of Reality actually heal the body, mind and spirit?
How does healing transform our capacity for intimacy and love?

In this four-hour workshop, we will explore these questions and a new relationship to transformation, healing and intimacy. This workshop is based on Nondual Kabbalistic Healing— the revolutionary work of Jason Shulman, internationally known modern Kabbalist, Buddhist teacher and founder of A Society of Souls—taught by his Lead Teacher and dharma heir Brenda Carter Blessings.

All of the world’s great spiritual traditions tell us that the world is one, Reality is One. Despite the fact that we often feel alienated from our own lives—human beings have always had a sense of this Oneness with All That Is. This unity can never be achieved by choosing only one side of reality in reaction to a less preferred condition or state, happiness as opposed to sadness, confusion as opposed to understanding and so forth. Every molecule of reality—whether tangible, like matter or different states of emotion or consciousness—can be a gateway to the nondual experience of Reality.

Through the process of open-hearted lecture and dialogue, we will explore the work of healing the human personality and awakening to an intimate relationship with all of life.

We will engage with dialogue around the Kabbalistic schema of the 4 universes, meditative prayer and learn the Healing of Immanence. Many describe this healing as life-changing and a turning point on their spiritual journey.

Brenda Carter Blessings is Executive Director and Senior Teacher of A Society of Souls, The School for Nondual Healing and Awakening, based in the U.S. and Netherlands, which teaches a four-year training in Nondual Kabbalistic Healing, as well as the Magi Process, Impersonal Movement and Work of Return. To learn more about the work of ASOS, please visit or visit Brenda’s website at

Deze workshop zal in het Engels gegeven worden.