Vrijdag 10 juni 2011: Taste of Presence - Nishant Matthews

In each of us there is a core of consciousness. That core of consciousness has been called Presence, Being, or True Nature. While it can express itself in many ways—love, intelligence, clarity, harmony—its basic nature is steady, streaming awakeness.

As we become more aware of our selves and others, slowly it becomes clear that real happiness is not coming from outside events and situation, but more from an inner state. We are happy to the degree that we are aware and being our selves. It is that simple. What is complicated in the story is that we hardly know who our self really is. When we try to be somebody that we are not, then we don’t find much happiness in being either successful or un-successful. A red rose is not going to be happy until it relaxes as being a red rose and quits trying to act like a yellow daisy.

In the workshop with Nishant Matthews you will have an opportunity to taste and explore the world of your own Presence. You will get a felt sense of True Nature and the kind of happiness that comes as True Nature is allowed to live and express through you. The presentation will consist of short talks and experiential exercises.

Nishant Matthews, staf docent van de Rebalancing opleiding zal deze workshop geven. Deze workshop zal Engels als voertaal hebben.